Metallic Sequins

Metallic sequins are very highly shiny because of aluminium coat on it.

Matt Sequins

Matt sequins provide high quality look as they enhance the chic and luxurious nature of the item.

Pearlized Sequins

Give a glowy look with soft shine to the fabric. Perfect choice for cards, crafts and textile embellishments

Opaque Sequins

Opaque sequins highlight the natural color of the sequin as they block the light to pass through them.

Transparent Sequins

These are see-through sequins which perfectly highlights the color of the base fabric in subtle tone.

Rainbow Sequins

They provide a rainbow effect to the garment and present a statement look to the garment.

Printed Sequins

These are manufactured with modern technology as per the latest market trends.


Highly unique and modern designs. It meets your need for something distinct.