Does the shape of the sequins distort during ironing or perc wash?

Our sequins is heat resistant upto 180 degrees. So, there are no chances of shape distortion or color fading during perc wash.

Do you take custom orders as well?

Yes, we specialize in custom made orders. We have our own coloring unit which helps us build any possible color.

Does the lamination chip-off of the sequins?

Most of our products does not have any lamination on it as we directly coat color on the sequins. So no chances of lamination chipping off.

Does the color of the sequins discolor/ fade during washing?

We process our sequins at 180 degrees so there are no such possibilities of fading or discoloring of sequins.

Does your material pass all the REACH TESTING?

Yes, our material is PVC free and pass all REACH testing.

Do the lamination spots on the sequins tamper the overall shine?

No, since we do not laminate our sequins and directly coat the material so there are no such possibilities.

How can I make payment?

We accept all modes of payment like UPI, Cash, Cheque, RTGS.

What if I order the products and do not like it. Can we exchange it?

No exchange is not possible.

Does the color of the materials shown on the website correspond to the actual color?

While taking pictures of the product we try our best to maintain the original color of the product. Still, there are possibilities of very slight chances of color variation due to lighting.

Does all the product have same size?

We have more than 300 designs available in different shapes and sizes.

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